Hyatt & AAET v. USPTO, Case: 17-1722 (Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit)

November 21. 2018.  Brief of Amici Curiae U.S. Inventor, National Innovation Association, Professional Inventors’ Alliance, Small Business Technology Council, Orbital Research, Inc., and Cleveland Medical Devices, Inc. in support of grant of Panel Rehearing and Rehearing En Banc, but in support of neither party. [Brief]
November 20. 2018.  Brief of Amici Curiae John D. Russell in support of Plaintiffs‐Appellants. [Brief]
November 8. 2018. The court invites a response from the USPTO to the petition for panel rehearing and rehearing en banc. [Order]
November 7, 2018.  Plaintiffs–Appellants Hyatt and AAET’s Combined Petition for Panel Rehearing and Rehearing En Banc. [Petition]
September 24, 2018. CAFC panel decision denying Plaintiffs–Appellants Hyatt and AAET challenge on the merits.  [Decision]
Supplemental authorities: Plaintiffs–Appellants’ submissions [February 20, 2018, March 6, 2018]; USPTO Reply [February 26, 2018].
June 12, 2017. USPTO Brief on appeal. [Brief]
May 1, 2017. Plaintiffs–Appellants Hyatt and AAET Opening Brief. [Brief]

Case below: Hyatt & AAET v. USPTO, Case No. 2:16-cv-01490 (D. Nev.)

February 17, 2017. Court Order dismissing this action for lack of subject matter jurisdiction [Order]
February 3, 2017. USPTO’s Reply to Plaintiffs’ Motion for Summary Judgement. [Reply].
January 12, 2017.  Plaintiffs’ Combined Reply in Support of Motion for Summary Judgment and Opposition to UPTO’s Motion for Summary Judgment. [Reply and Opposition].
December 9, 2016. USPTO’s Combined Motion for Summary Judgment and Opposition to Plaintiffs’ Motion for Summary Judgment. [Motion & Opposition].
November 9, 2016.  Plaintiffs’ Motion for Summary Judgement and memorandum in support. [Motion and Memorandum].
June 22, 2016.  Hyatt and AAET file a complaint against the USPTO, asking the Court to find MPEP § 1207.04, as well as
the UPTO’s denial of Mr. Hyatt’s petition under 5 U.S.C. § 553(e) for repeal of MPEP § 1207.04, arbitrary and capricious and contrary to law within the meaning of the APA. [Complaint, Attachments].