Class Action. eVideo Owners et al. v. U.S., Federal Court of Claims, Case No. 15-413-LKG.  The suit names eVideo as the lead plaintiff in a class of (yet unknown) applicants whose patent applications were flagged under the SAWS program. eVideo’s video on-demand technology is covered by two patent applications that have been languishing in the USPTO for over 13 years.  The suit seeks damages in USPTO fees and prosecution costs in applications after they were designated under the SAWS program.  The Court of Claims, however, ultimately dismissed the action for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction.

June 17, 2015. Amended Complaint.  [Doc-10]

August 14, 2015. Defendant's Motion to Dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and failure to state a claim. [Doc.-11]

September 14, 2015. Plaintiff's Opposition to Defendant's Motion to Dismiss. [Doc.-12]

September 23, 2015. Defendant's Reply in support of its Motion to Dismiss. [Doc.-13]

December 14, 2015. Plaintiff's Supplemental Brief. [Doc.-16]

December 14, 2015. Defendant's Supplemental Brief. [Doc.-17]

January 11, 2016. Defendant's Response to Plaintiff's Supplemental Brief. [Doc.-18]

January 11, 2016. Plaintiff's Response to Defendant's Supplemental Brief. [Doc.-19]

January 25, 2016. Plaintiff's Reply to Defendant's Response. [Doc.-20]

January 25, 2016. Defendant's Reply to Plaintiff's Response. [Doc.-21]

March 31, 2016. Memorandum Opinion and Order granting Defendant's Motion to Dismiss. [Doc.-22]